In progress


Data Mining for Computer Networks Security

Authors:  Michael Heigl, Laurin Doerr, Dalibor Fiala
Desc.:Novel data mining methods for the enhancement of computer networks security using advanced outlier detection techniques on streaming data are investigated.

Multilingual Sentiment Analysis

Authors:  Josef Steinberger
Desc.:Sentiment analysis of news and social media in multiple languages.

Social Networks Analysis

Authors:  Karel Ježek, Dalibor Fiala, Michal Nykl
Desc.:Application of the PageRank algorithm and its modifications to the exploration of network structures, particularly citation and co-autorship networks.



Automatic Plagiarism Detection

Authors:  Zdeněk Češka
Desc.:This project focuses on the particular field of automatic plagiarism detection in written text. The main principle of this project is the application of Latent Semantic Analysis in conjunction with word N-grams.

Automatic Text Summarisation

Authors:  Josef Steinberger, Karel Ježek, Michal Campr, Jiří Hynek
Desc.:Automatic text summarisation using various text mining methods, mainly Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA).

Document Classification

Authors:  Jiří Hynek, Karel Ježek, Michal Toman, Roman Tesař, Zdeněk Češka, Petr Grolmus
Desc.:Use of inductive machine learning methods in classification of short text documents.

Document Clustering and Linked Data

Authors:  Karel Ježek, Martin Dostal
Desc.:Unsupervised methods for automatic tagging and clustering based on information extraction from Linked data.

Exploration of Semantic Spaces

Authors:  Karel Ježek, Lubomír Krčmář, Miloslav Konopík
Desc.:This work is focused on semantic relations between words and application of these relations in research fields such as information retrieval, machine translation or document clustering.

Extracting Information from Web Content and Structure

Authors:  Dalibor Fiala, Roman Tesař, Karel Ježek
Desc.:This project deals with classification of Web documents and determination of authoritative Web sites. It was supported in part by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic under grant FRVS 1347/2005/G1.

Internet Content Filtering

Authors:  Roman Tesař, Karel Ježek
Desc.:This project includes Web sites processing, analyzing, classification by means of their content and searching for other Web sites with similar content.

Knowledge Extraction from Texts

Authors:  Karel Ježek, Martin Zíma
Desc.:This work is focused to obtain facts via extraction the latent information from XML documents and its processing via logic program.

SPOT: English-Czech ICT Terminology On-line Review

Authors:  Jiří Hynek, Přemysl Brada
Desc.:We hope that SPOT will become an open platform used for discussing controversial computer terms among professionals. The resulting on-line computer dictionary is freely available to the general public, university teachers, students, editors and professional translators.

Searching and Summarizing in Multilingual Enviroment

Authors:  Josef Steinberger, Karel Ježek, Michal Toman
Desc.:The project includes multilingual searching in text databases and an automatic summarization of retrieved texts. It was supported in part by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic under grant FRVS 1326/2005/G1.

User Profile Mining, Social Networks

Authors:  Jiří Hynek, Petr Grolmus, Karel Ježek
Desc.:Identification of user profiles based on users' behavior on the web. Practical applications in various knowledge and information management projects.