Petr Grolmus


University graduate (Software Engineering).
Since 1998: working for the University of West Bohemia.
Since 2001: part-time PhD student in the field of computer science


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A Web-Based User-Profile Generator: Foundation for a Recommender and Expert Finding System

Authors:  Petr Grolmus, Jiří Hynek, Karel Ježek
Source:Proceedings of the 8th ICCC International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Universidade of Brasília - UnB, Brazil, ISBN 85-88130-02-05
Download: download Full text [143 kB]

In Czech: Vyhledávání častých frází pro generování uživatelských profilů

Authors:  Petr Grolmus, Jiří Hynek, Karel Ježek
Source:Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Information Technologies – Applications and Theory – ITAT 2003, Sliezsky dom, Slovakia. Peter Vojtáš (Ed.), Slovakia, ISBN 80-7097-564-4
Download: download Full text [210 kB]

User Profile Identification Based on Text Mining

Authors:  Petr Grolmus, Jiří Hynek, Karel Ježek
Source:Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Information Systems Implementation and Modelling – ISIM ‘03 Brno, Czech Republic. Miroslav Beneš (Ed.). MARQ, Czech Republic, ISBN 80-85988-84-4
Download: download Full text [332 kB]



Document Classification

Authors:  Jiří Hynek, Karel Ježek, Michal Toman, Roman Tesař, Zdeněk Češka, Petr Grolmus
Desc.:Use of inductive machine learning methods in classification of short text documents.

User Profile Mining, Social Networks

Authors:  Jiří Hynek, Petr Grolmus, Karel Ježek
Desc.:Identification of user profiles based on users' behavior on the web. Practical applications in various knowledge and information management projects.