V├íclav Strnad

E-mail: vaclav.strnad@seznam.cz

Václav graduated at the University of West Bohemia in 2003, specialized in software engineering. He is currently working as a .NET developer for a commercial company. Occasionaly, in his free time, he is dealing with text classification and internet document filtering in cooperation with Roman Tesař.


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In Czech: Roz┼í├ş┼Öen├ş bag-of-words modelu dokumentu: srovn├ín├ş bigram┼» a 2-itemset┼»

Authors:  Roman Tesa┼Ö, Massimo Poesio, V├íclav Strnad, Karel Je┼żek
Source:In Proceedings of Znalosti 2007 Conference, Ostrava, Czech Republic, pp. 131-142, ISBN 978-80-248-1279-3, February 2007.
Download: download Full text [389 kB]

Extending the Single Words-Based Document Model: A Comparison of Bigrams and 2-Itemsets

Authors:  Roman Tesa┼Ö, Massimo Poesio, V├íclav Strnad, Karel Je┼żek
Source:The 2006 ACM Symposium on Document Engineering(DocEngÔÇÖ06), Amsterdam, Netherlands, ACM press (New York, NY, USA), ISBN 1-59593-515-0, pages 138-146.
Download: download Full text