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Zdeněk Češka

E-mail: zceska@kiv.zcu.cz
WWW: http://www.kiv.zcu.cz/en/department/members/detail.html?login=zceska

Zdeněk has been working for various international companies in the field of Software Engineering. He has earned Master's Degree and PhD's Degree in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests include Mathematics & Algorithmization, Plagiarism Detection, Multilingual Processing, Text Classification, and other related fields.

Jiří Hynek

Phone: +420 603492837
E-mail: jhynek@kiv.zcu.cz
WWW: http://www.kiv.zcu.cz/staff/osobni.php?id_osoby=147&lang=EN

Jiri, a co-founder of the Text-Mining Research Group, works as a lecturer at the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests include machine learning and language-related problems. Jiri’s teaching activity is focused on good writing style and technical writing in general.

Roman Tesař

Phone: +420 377632479
E-mail: roman.tesar@gmail.com
WWW: http://www.sweb.cz/romant1/CV.pdf

Roman is a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic. His work is focused on the utilization of word n-grams in text classification and document filtering.

Michal Toman

E-mail: mtoman@kiv.zcu.cz

Michal graduated at UWB in 2003, specialized in software engineering. Currently, he is a PhD student interested in information retrieval, multilingual text processing, word sense disambiguation and knowledge discovery.

Přemysl Brada

Phone: +420-377-63-2435
E-mail: brada@kiv.zcu.cz
WWW: http://www.kiv.zcu.cz/staff/osobni.php?id_osoby=1&lang=en

Přemek graduated from the University of West Bohemia in 1993, and after that studied Advanced Software Engineering MSc. course at the University of Sheffield, UK. In 2003 finished PhD studies at the Charles University, Prague, in the field of versioning for component-oriented systems.

Lubomír Krčmář

E-mail: lkrcmar@kiv.zcu.cz

Luboš graduated from the University of West Bohemia in 2009. He is a PhD student now. His research is focused on natural language processing, information retrieval, and semantic similarity of texts of varying length. Especially, he is interested in automatic extraction of collocations and idiomatic expression from large corpora.

Petr Heller

E-mail: heller@kiv.zcu.cz

Petr graduated from the University of West Bohemia in 2010, specialized in software engineering.

Michal Campr

E-mail: mcampr@kiv.zcu.cz
WWW: http://home.zcu.cz/~mcampr/

Michal graduated from the University of West Bohemia in 2011, specialized in software engineering. He is interested in text summarization.