SPOT: English-Czech ICT Terminology On-line Review

Keywords: terminology, term, dictionary, translation, sharing, wiki, English, on-line, community
Description: We hope that SPOT will become an open platform used for discussing controversial computer terms among professionals. The resulting on-line computer dictionary is freely available to the general public, university teachers, students, editors and professional translators.
Status: Finished

People on this project:

Jiří Hynek

Phone: +420 603492837

Jiri, a co-founder of the Text-Mining Research Group, works as a lecturer at the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests include machine learning and language-related problems. Jiri’s teaching activity is focused on good writing style and technical writing in general.

Přemysl Brada

Phone: +420-377-63-2435

Přemek graduated from the University of West Bohemia in 1993, and after that studied Advanced Software Engineering MSc. course at the University of Sheffield, UK. In 2003 finished PhD studies at the Charles University, Prague, in the field of versioning for component-oriented systems.



On the Evolution of Computer Terminology and the SPOT On-Line Dictionary Project

Authors:  Jiří Hynek, Přemysl Brada
Source:Proceedings of the 11th ICCC International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Vienna, Austria, ISBN 978-3-85437-292-9
Download: download Full text [532 kB]

In Czech: O vývoji překladů odborných termínů v oboru ICT a slovníkovém projektu SPOT

Authors:  Jiří Hynek, Přemysl Brada
Source:Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies – Objekty 2006, Praha, J. Brožek & V. Merunka (Eds.), Czech Republic, ISBN 80-213-1568-7
Download: download Full text [266 kB]

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SPOT - dictionary of domain-specific terminology

Size:2 kB
Desc:The SPOT application provides the engine for on-line ICT and domain-specific dictionary. It helps translators and all interested professionals create, find and use correct translations of complicated and/or new terms, especially in the field of ITC. The SPOT package contains the compiled application written in Java and the Spring Framework, source code, database scripts and installation documentation.
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