In Czech: Sumarizace textů

In Czech: Sumarizace textů

This paper introduces a taxonomy of summarization methods and an overview of their principles fromsingle document over multi-document to advanced techniques as update and focused summarization.A special attention is devoted to application of recent information reduction methods, based onsingular value decomposition. The last part is dedicated to evaluation of quality of a summary andvarious measures for its assessment are described.

Keywords: sumarizace, sumarizace textu, v├şcedokumentov├í sumarizace, aktualiza─Źn├ş sumarizace, redukce dat, singul├írn├ş dekompozice, latentn├ş s├ęmantick├íanal├Żza.

Year: 2010

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Authors of this publication:

Karel Je┼żek

Phone:  +420 377632475

Karel is the former group coordinator and a supervisor of PhD students working at research projects of this Group.

Josef Steinberger


Josef is an associated professor at the Department of computer science and engineering at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic. He is interested in media monitoring and analysis, mainly automatic text summarisation, sentiment analysis and coreference resolution.

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Automatic Text Summarisation

Authors:  Josef Steinberger, Karel Je┼żek, Michal Campr, Ji┼Ö├ş Hynek
Desc.:Automatic text summarisation using various text mining methods, mainly Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA).