Automatic Dialog Act Corpus Creation from Web Pages

Automatic Dialog Act Corpus Creation from Web Pages

This work presents two complementary tools dedicated to the task of textual corpus creation for linguistic researches. The chosen application domain is automatic dialog acts recognition, but the proposed tools might also be applied to any other research area that is concerned with dialogs processing. The first software captures relevant dialogs from freely available resources on the World Wide Web. Filtering and parsing of these web pages is realized thanks to a set of hand-crafted rules. A second set of rules is then applied to achieve automatic segmentation and dialog act tagging. The second software is finally used as a post-processing step to manually check and correct tagging errors when needed. In this paper, both softwares are presented, and the performances of automatic tagging are evaluated on a dialog corpus extracted from an online Czech journal. We show that reasonably good dialog act labeling accuracy may be achieved, hence greatly reducing the costof building such corpora.

Keywords: automatic labeling, corpus, dialog act, Internet

Year: 2010

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Pavel Kr├íl

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Pavel is a lecturer/researcher at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Czech Republic). His research is focused on automatic speech processing, dialog act recognition, syntactic parsing, punctuation annotation and document classification.