In Czech: Využití N-gramů pro odhalování plagiátů

In Czech: Využití N-gramů pro odhalování plagiátů

Growing popularity of Internet has brought the possibility to download a lot of different documents. This paper describes some common methods relating to the widely spread plagiarism. Employing N-grams is discussed in detail to detect overlapping documents and to avoid issues caused by text shifting. At the end of this paper we compare various methods for higher N-gram sizes extraction.

Keywords: Plagiarism, Copy Detection, N-grams, Comparison

Year: 2007

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Zdeněk Češka


Zdeněk has been working for various international companies in the field of Software Engineering. He has earned Master's Degree and PhD's Degree in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests include Mathematics & Algorithmization, Plagiarism Detection, Multilingual Processing, Text Classification, and other related fields.

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